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These are base prices, and many projects will cost more than this price, based on materials and complexity of the design.

All of our prices are in EUROS €, Not USD $ (If you need to calculate to your own currency, please do so yourself, it's quicker I promise)

These prices do not include shipping.

Shipping will be calculated upon completion and varies depending on your location

*Prices are subject to change as quality improves.*

All our costumes are made with high-quality materials, lots of love, attention, and time. 

These fabrics include; Faux fur, Minky, Fleece, Spandex/ inner lining fabric, upholstery foam, EVA foam, Polyester stuffing (Polyfill), etc...

Our workspace is a smoking-free environment though we do have pets! (Cat and a dog)⚠️


Start at €2000

Heads are built with lightweight charcoal foam with 3D-printed eyes and adjustable head straps.

Heads are fully lined with neoprene with no exposed foam and hidden vents.

We offer plush or plastic teeth and our noses are 3d printed and coated with Minky for symmetry and detail.

Heads can have many addons like eyelids, removable tongues, mohawks, manes, etc...

⚠️Keep in mind that, the more you add/have the heavier the head becomes! We try our best to make them as light as possible!

Some items will include fees if lots of work is involved!

If you are unsure if a head can have this or that please message us about it! 


We do NOT offer moving jaws or electronics, resin bases, realistic eyes, or airbrushing.

By default, our heads have: • Foam base

                                             • 3D eyes

                                             • Fully lined

                                             • Lined neck

                                             • Adjustable head straps

                                             • Zipper in the back


Standard Partial

Start at €3000

Partials include a Head, Handpaws, Feetpaws & a Tail.

Mini partials include a Head, Hands, and a Tail for €2600

Feetpaws can be plantigrade style or digitigrade style. Prices vary

Arm or leg sleeves will require measurements!

Arm or leg sleeves are add-ons to standard partials and cost extra ( starting €150)​

Partials are made to be worn with your own clothes, this is generally a great choice if this is your first fursuit, or if you live in a place with very hot weather!

Partials are also designed to make your character appear more human/ anthro.

Digi padding CAN NOT be added to leg sleeves.

By default, standard partials have: • Foam head

 • Tail with belt loop

• Stuffed handpaws

• Outdoor rubber feetpaws


Digitigrade Fullsuits

Start at €5500

Digitigrade Fullsuits include a Head, Padded bodysuit, Handpaws, Feetpaws & a Tail. 

For this, We will require a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)


This style comes with padding in the thighs, calves & butt!

This is to give your character a more Animal-like approach. The padding is made as a foam shell.​

Please note that  We've got our own digi style and might alter it to fit your character better.

Dropped crotches are also available (tho We're still yet to make one)

By default, our digi suits have: • Foam head

• Zip on tail

• Detached handpaws

• Zip on feetpaws

• Zipper in front

• Stuffed handpaws

• Outdoor rubber feetpaws

Plantigrade Fullsuits

Start at €4200

Plantigrade Fullsuits include a Head, Bodysuit, Handpaws, Feetpaws & a Tail.

For this, We will require a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)


This style does not come with any padding on the body and is meant to be straight-legged just like you are now.

By default, our planti suits have: • Foam head

                                                    • Zip on tail

                                                    • Detached handpaws

                                                    • Detached feetpaws

                                                    • Zipper in front

                                                    • Stuffed handpaws

                                                    • Outdoor rubber feetpaws

12 (2).png


Anything else that you might be interested in is right here! If there is anything not mentioned, and you would like to include it, please don't hesitate to ask us!

Currently We do NOT work with electronics of any kind

(LEDs, fans, speakers, etc...)

Removable eyelids: €50 per pair

Removable tongues: €20 per

Floor dragging tails: €150-€750+

Foam core tails start at: €300

Neck fur pillow €75

3D Printed piercings: €15 per pair, €10 for one

Wings (price depends on size & complexity): €75-€500+

Extra long fur made form wefted kanekalon. Can only be used for small parts like cheeks, hair, elbow or leg tufts, main going down the back, and or tail tips like on a dragon. Ranges from €100-€500+ and is limited in colors

Any additional big changes that aren't listed or require lots of patterning, work, and editing will be priced accordingly.


Mesh 1


Mesh type 1 allows for much clearer visibility at the cost of detail, this mesh is great for gradients and simple designs or for people who plan to be very active with suiting.
At a further distance, the holes are practically invisible.

Mesh 2


Mesh type 2 has much finer spacing making the vision slightly darker or more blurry but allows for lots of detail to be added. Great for complex characters.

This finer mesh also allows for more saturation since more of the surface is being printed on. 

Our eyes are made by sublimation printing onto PVC mesh. This allows for high accuracy and high detail in the eyes.

These eyes are 100% waterproof, they are coated in clear spray just for an additional layer of security to protect from scratches.

However since these eyes are printed this means that colors may not be 100% accurate, we do our best to match the colors as closely as possible and do many tests before printing the final product.


Toony style handpaws


Toony style handpaws are 4 finger handpaws with a thumb, easy to tell the difference from Left and Right.

Feral style handpaws



Feral-style handpaws are symmetrical on both sides allowing for a more animal-like approach, they can be worn on either hand unless your character has a dew claw.
The dew claw is NOT an additional finger, there's no hole in the dew claw so these paws are still 4 fingers.

Both styles of handpaws have a similar level of dexterity, neither is better than the other, it just comes down to personal preference.

Handpaws are made to fit all hand sizes. They come with pillows in the fingers and are lined unless specified otherwise.

Pawpads and claws can be made with Minky or Leather

We no longer offer 3D-printed hard claws.


Plastic teeth


Plastic teeth are 3d printed in PLA, sanded, and coated with a glossy finish, they get super glued to the mouth and will not fall out.

Plush teeth


Plush teeth are made with soft scuba fabric and thread sculpted to make each individual tooth, they are sewn and glued to the mouth.


Rubber bottoms


Rubber bottoms offer easier cleaning and walking on all surfaces with no problem, they are waterproof and sturdy.

Detailed bottoms


Detailed bottoms are made of Minky, Leather or just fur. They feature cute pawpads and soft fur. We recommend getting fursuit sandals or some type of protection for these if going outside to keep them nice and clean!

Feetpaws are built on comfy crocs and secured to EVA foam for the base, they can be carved with foam or stuffed with polyfill depending on the effect you are going for. Feetpaws come in Planti or Digi style. Planti feetpaws are typically longer and have a ''flat foot'' effect and reach to your ankle while Digi feetpaws are shorter to appear like you are standing on your toes and reach up to your kneed and have an animal-like shape.


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