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​We only take a select few commissions per opening. So make sure to keep an eye out for when We open!

All commissions are not first come first serve, commissions are picked based on our choices!

If you are looking for a quote you can find it in Getting a quote to get a rough estimated amount for your character

-This is NOT ALWAYS the official amount you will have to pay and it is subject to change once we talk in-depth about your commission.

Do however feel free to message us if you are really interested in getting a closer quote!

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Filling out the form & quoting

As We've mentioned previously. A quote is the estimated amount of money you will have to pay for your commission.

We've made a whole page dedicated to quoting so please check that out!

On the Commission form page, there will be a Google Form document that you can fill out with detailed information about your character.

Make sure to fill out all the details so we don't have to ask hundreds of questions every few minutes!
Also, make sure that you have a proper REFERENCE SHEET of your character! 

Please only fill this out if you are serious about commissioning us.

Once this form is submitted, the selected few clients will be messages with a full quote and added to our queue once the 1st deposit has been sent.

Please do not feel discouraged if you are not selected, We won't be going anywhere and you might have a chance next round!


To secure your place in our queue a 1st deposit will need to be made. (at least 35% in FULL)

Our Trello

Option 1- Payment plans

Once your commission has been accepted you will be invoiced 35% of the final price to cover materials costs + secure a place in our queue. This amount is NON-REFUNDABLE. Afterward, you can pay off your costume monthly with a minimum deposit of €250. Of course, you can always pay more than the minimum, please let us know roughly how long you think it would take you to pay off so we can give you a proper place in the queue.

If there is ever a time when you need to skip a payment please tell us ASAP!

You will be given 48 hours to pay off the material costs. If failed to do so, your commission will be terminated and you will be substituted with another customer.

Option 2- Full payment

You get invoiced for a FULL payment covering everything except shipping. We tend to work in order of first paid and from simplest to more complex, so you can get yourself a higher place in the queue with a full payment.

Your project will not be shipped until 100% of the payment was received. Including shipping.

The wait and preparation

A completion of a costume can take anywhere from a few weeks, to a year. (Mostly depending on our queue and life status)

Please be patient within this period and understand that fursuit making isn't the only thing we are occupied with.

If you have commissioned a fullsuit from us, you will need to send in a Duct Tape Dummy (DTD)

A DTD is a scale replica of your body made out of duct tape.

This helps us get your correct sizing.

You will need to send your DTD within 14 days of getting accepted.

We do not work with measurements on fullsuits. 

When making a DTD it is a good idea to get help from someone, as it would be very difficult to get properly taped up by yourself.

To assure that your DTD is of good quality, it's a good idea to not do it too tight or too loose. It is also required to do a T pose with your legs spread apart. (Not too far though)

This will assure much nicer movement while wearing the costume.

Please make sure you spend time making your DTD correctly as this is a crucial part of the suit-making process and affects how the suit will fit you.

We are not responsible for poorly fitting suits due to bad DTD construction.

Mischief makers did an absolutely fantastic tutorial on this! (Link)


Another great thing that would really help us out is if you could sign your name (Furry or RL) on the DTD. It's so We don't get you mixed up with someone else.

Partial measurements

If you are NOT ordering a fullsuit, the information above doesn't apply to you.

If you have ordered arm or leg sleeves We will need your measurements for either. We'll discuss this with you in private messages.



As stated before, your costume can take a few weeks, to a year (or more) to complete. Our turnaround time is usually pretty quick though! 

We do NOT do deadlines, this is to avoid stress and anxiety.

If you are looking to get your suit done by a specific date we suggest looking for someone who can fulfill this. Unless the date is a year or more away.

We will not start working until at least 35% - 50% of the payment is sent.

The costume will be kept with us until it's 100% paid.

We typically provide Work In Progress (WIP) pictures on our social media. If you would like your suit to be kept a secret (as a surprise or for personal reasons) please mention it in advance. WIP photos will still be sent to you privately, however!

We will NOT under any circumstances create copyrighted characters (Sonic, MLP, Pokemon, etc...) and characters that aren't owned by you.

We'll send you fur and fabric photos to assure the colors are correct. 

Keep in mind that fur (and or other fabrics) do NOT come in all colors and might not 100% fit the hue of the fur on your character, but We will do our best to match and find the colors closest to you.

Each new suit comes with a 3 month warranty period, where all repairs are free! You only have to pay for shipping.


Your costume is finished and ready to be sent home!

Provide us with your shipping information and we are all set, your character will be home with you in no time!

For shipping, we will need your LEGAL name, not your furry name.

We will request the payment for shipping after We've gotten a quote from the post.

So make sure to keep some extra cash on you! 

We're based in Croatia and ship internationally to all countries.

Keep in mind that international shipping can cost a lot and in some cases even as much as the product itself!

Shipping will highly vary depending on where you live. It can cost anywhere from €35-€200+.

From experience shipping to the USA is roughly €75+ and Europe is around €35+

Once your package is sent out We will provide you with a tracking number.

We have no control over the package once it has left our facility.

We are also not responsible for any lost & damaged items, as well as any customs or extra fees that you might have to pay.

That's all, enjoy your brand new suit and have a lot of fun!
Please, by all means if you wish to send us photos you've taken don't hesitate to! Tag or DM us! 
We love seeing happy customers! ♥


Example of a well made ref

Ofc it doesn't have to be as detailed but a good quality front + back view is ESSENTIAL!

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