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By commissioning WildFoxWorks you hereby agree to our terms of service and therefore agree to obey the rules and regulations as follows.

Our rights

 We reserve the right to refuse working with you for any number of reasons. This includes, but is not limited to: Rude behavior, poor reference material, incomplete form, failure to send payment in time or refusal to pay, not replying, ignoring or inability to communicate about your commission properly, etc...)
• We also reserve the right to edit and alter our TOS page.
• We reserve the right to interpret your character in our own style. This includes things like possibly changing the shape of markings slightly in order for them to wrap around the form in an appealing way. In no case will we change things so much that the character is unrecognizable, and we will keep specifics like a certain number of spots or stripes the same as mentioned on the REF.

• We reserve the right to post photos of your completed fursuit on our website and other pages. Each customer also has the right to repost pictures of their suit at their disposal. All other parties do not have the right to repost any of our pictures.

• Our prices are set to what we feel they are worth, we will not sell our work for any less than it is listed, Trying to offer less than our starting rate or arguing that our prices are too high will get you blacklisted.

Your rights

• You reserve the right to ask for updates, WIPS, marking changes, and fixes during the creation of your commission. Please keep ''when will it be done/ is it done'' questions to a minimum. 
• You reserve the right to cancel the commission at certain points. A refund will be given depending on how much work has been finished. If your commission is 70-100% done or in the process of detailing, you are not eligible for a refund! This is subject to change depending on the type of commission.

• You reserve the right to contact me at any moment about your commission.

Ordering & Requirements

 We will not work with individuals under the age of 18.

• Each piece is tailored to fit the individual's needs as best as possible. 
• Each piece is also commissioned through a form page and the person must leave all wanted information on that form or go into greater detail while messaging us.

• While commissioning you MUST have a proper reference sheet.
• References should also be UP TO DATE and easy to read, see, and in high-resolution quality.
• Any and all changes must be mentioned prior.
• We are not responsible for any missed markings and mess-ups due to a poorly constructed ref!

• If you plan on changing your character design (and fursuit has already been started) there will be included fees.

• If you plan to change your character completely (switching to a brand new character) please message us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so We don't start the wrong project! You will have to pay for new materials (unless the colors are the same) as well as fees for character & design changes.

• We will require a DTD if you are ordering a fullsuit.


 A rough quote can be gotten through our website Link. It is not always correct any may price you a bit over or a bit under.

• An accurate quote can be gotten directly from us, they can take a few hours to calculate or longer depending on our schedule.

• Quotes will be valid for 3 months and no longer. All our prices are subject to change with improvement.

• Quotes do not guarantee you a slot in the queue, nor do they mean you have to make a payment. They are only given as a price estimate.


• Once your commission has been accepted and approved We will need a 35% downpayment (non-refundable) for materials. Please be sure you're certain about your commission before making this payment as this secures your place in the queue.

• The 35% must be paid within 48 hours of your commission being accepted.

   If failed to do so, you will lose your place in the queue and be substituted with another customer.

• Payment plans can be arranged with a minimum of €250 per month.

• Payment is currently only accepted through PayPal and in EUROS.

• We will NOT accept fursuit trades, character trades & or art trades instead of payment!

   We will also NOT work for only ''material costs''

• If you wish to provide your own fabric, please tell us about it in the commission form and we can discuss shipping, price & or details.

(Keep in mind that we prefer ordering our own fabric)

• We strongly recommend making sure you are financially able to afford buying a fursuit before commissioning us, it's a luxury, not a necessity.


• In the event that you are unable to make a payment for whatever reason please contact us about it ASAP. We understand that occasionally, things happen in life that are beyond our control.


 If you would like a refund and your suit has not been started you can be refunded everything except the 35% down payment.

• If your suit has been started and you would like a refund you will be refunded according to how much work has been completed.

    We reserve the right to finish and sell your suit if this is the case.

• If your project is 70%-100% complete you are not eligible for a refund.

• After the suit is completed there is no refund option.

• We reserve the right to terminate your commission at any time, with or without prior notice.

• Communication with the creator is to be polite and professional. 

• We will not stand to be harassed, stalked, publicly shamed, threatened, rushed, or discriminate against in any way, shape, or form. These actions will all result in a complete termination of your commission.

Due Dates

• We do NOT do Deadlines.

• If you need your project done by a certain date we would suggest going with a maker that could fulfill this.

• Our turnaround time is usually a couple of months to a year and a half MAX if there are no issues.

• Completion time highly depends on your place in queue and amount of payment done.


 We have our own style that is going to change and update over time.

• If you feel our style is not suited for your character please don't commission us, We won't be changing it for one person. (This is directed more towards kimono & realistic characters)

• We will also NOT directly copy other people's work. If you want a suit that looks like *make name* go commission them.

• We are most experienced in canines & felines, but will happily accept other species!

• We will NOT under any circumstances work with copyrighted characters (Pokemon, Sonic, Mlp, etc...)


• Shipping costs are an additional charge that will be added to your price. Costs may vary and one should expect to pay anywhere from €35-€250+ depending on where you live.

• Suit will be sent out once shipping is paid for.

• Shipping will be done through Croatian Post. Other couriers are currently not available.

• We are not responsible for any lost & damaged items, as well as any customs or extra fees that you might have to pay.

• You will be given a tracking number once the package has been sent out.

• Shipping times take anywhere between a week to 2 months depending on where you live.

We will NOT make

• Suits with SPH (strategically placed holes) or any NSFW items.

   I have nothing against people who chose to make this type of content, I'm just personally not comfortable with crafting it

• Work with copyrighted characters. (Pokemon, Sonic, MLP...)

• We will also not work with protogens, overly complex species and armoured/ metal characters.

• Create EXCESSIVE weight/ muscle padding. And i really mean overly excessive, i'm fully alright adding some muscle or chest padding!

• Work with mechanical, latex materials, as well as LEDs and electronics or resin bases.

• Change our style for your project.

• Craft fursuits in other maker's styles.

Please include the phrase ''Roach'' in the form so We know you have read our TOS. Don't ctrl+F this and read it, it literally makes everyone's job easier...Commissions aren't first come first served either way so there's no rush.

Repairs/ warranty

• Each suit comes with a 3-month warranty where all repairs are free. All you have to pay is shipping.

• We understand that it can be frustrating having a suit not fit or things looking too baggy, that's why we offer repairs because mistakes can happen!

• If a repair will need an excessive amount of material, a fee may be applied.

• Our warranty does not cover refurbishments.

• After the 3 months all repairs will have to be paid for, fees will vary depending on the repair.

Thank you for reading & understanding.


Work in progress WIP & communication

 All WIP photos and updates will be done through -Telegram, Instagram, Twitter, or Email. Our username will either be @WildFoxWorks OR @Rubyfox1

• If you wish to switch communication to another app we must be told of this beforehand so we are not waiting on a response forever.

• We will be sharing WIP photos on social media unless stated otherwise by the client.

• Please don't ask for WIPs daily, know that your project is being worked on and not forgotten!

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