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Hey there! I'm a small fursuit maker from Croatia, working hard to create custom wearable art for folks to enjoy.

I handle everything at WildFoxWorks on my own and try to get better with each new creation.

Every costume is handmade with lots of love and attention to detail!



Hey there, I go by Ruby in this community.

As a young furry artist, I have been passionate about creating and drawing since I could hold a pencil.


I took a leap into fursuit-making back in early 2015, completely self-teaching costume creation, drawing, and sewing. Every skill I've got has been polished through relentless hard work and dedicated practice.

My creative journey is a work in progress, and I've got a bunch of thrilling projects lined up for the future.

Right now, my workspace is my bedroom, transformed into a makeshift workshop. It started with limited space and quick clutter, but I've recently upgraded to a roomier spot with more space for materials and work.

In a few years, my big dream is to have a dedicated workshop for my craft!

While I'm currently situated in a small Croatian town, I'm dreaming of a move to a larger abode with my partner. There, I can truly build a world for my work and explore new opportunities.


We Craft with Quality in Mind

Every fursuit is meticulously crafted with a keen eye for detail and a focus on comfort. Our top priority is to provide unique costumes, custom-tailored to suit each client perfectly. We accompany the creation process with numerous work-in-progress photos and regular updates. Explore our pricing and available options to find the ideal combination for your character!

Why wildfoxworks?

  • Fully customized in every way

  • Lots of accessories to pick from

  • Regular updates and WIPs

  • Friendly and professional communication

  • Available payment plan

  • Great vision and breathability

  • Comfortable with crafting exotic species

  • Down to try new ideas and methods

  • Access to a WFW family group chat

  • Foam or plastic headbase

  • Trans-owned and LGBTQ friendly ♥

Our recent work

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