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I'm a small fursuit maker based in Croatia striving to make top-quality, custom, wearable art for people to enjoy!

I run WildFoxWorks all by myself and do my best to improve with every creation.

Every costume is hand crafted and made with a lot of love and care. ♥ 



Hello, in this fandom, I am known as Ruby (He/Him).

As a young furry artist, I have been passionate about creating and drawing since I could hold a pencil.

Since early 2015, I have ventured into the fursuit-making business, and I am completely self-taught in costume creation, drawing, and sewing. All my skills have been honed through hard work and dedicated practice.

My creative journey is ongoing, and I have many more exciting creations planned for the future.

Currently, I work from my bedroom, which I have transformed into a makeshift workshop. In the beginning, I had limited space, and things got cluttered quickly. However, I recently moved to a new room with more space for materials and work.

In a few years, my goal is to have a proper workshop dedicated to my craft!

Although I am currently located in a small town in Croatia, I have aspirations to relocate to a larger apartment with my friend, where I can truly create a world for my work and explore new opportunities.

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